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Header Hearth SmWelcome to the home of the Warriors and Watchers Saga, an epic mythological fantasy series, set in international locales with fictional characters, real historical figures, and beasts galore.

How did this series come about?  I did not set out to write a novel series with characters who are blind, deaf and wheelchair bound. Amir, Kami and Chaz magically appeared and jumped onto the page. Only later did I realize they came from my experiences of meeting and working with what I call “Real Life Warriors,” and I’ve become a “Real Life Watcher,” and advocate. Every year, I have a few “especially-abled” special-needs children in my classroom. It’s no wonder that when I sat down to write a series with teens called upon to be Warriors, these heroes and four others (Benny, Layla, Raj and Zuma) stepped forward. For more about this, check out the tab on RL Warriors and RL Watchers. Whether you are a Warrior or a Watcher, I welcome you here. Please leave me a note, a comment or a question. I’d love to hear from you!

Evil Speaks, Book #1, release date: February 2017.

  Evil Speaks updated 1-2022 copy            


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High praise for Evil Speaks (links to full reviews on the Media Page):

Evil Speaks is . . .a fast moving story with plenty of action that is more than just a mythological tale. It teaches young adults of the importance of working together, of being a part of a team to achieve results. . . . I highly recommend this to any young adult with an interest in mythology.” Readers’ Favorite

“Original and consistently entertaining from cover to cover.” Midwest Book Review

“Classic elements are woven into this fast new adventure with plenty of twists, battles with monsters, and teenage attitude.” Foreword Clarion

“Evil Speaks has a fast-paced plot that surprises you with both humor and action.” Kids Book Buzz

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