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Everyone has a story and this is mine. . .

Sandra Headshot Full

The Unofficial Bio (odd and silly facts about me):

I was born in Ventura, California, but I was less than one year old when we moved to Bakersfield, where I lived for twenty-two years and proudly consider my “hometown.” I have two sisters. I’m in the middle.

Odd fact #1—I was not a huge reader as a child, but I do remember trying to memorize a long poem about fairies. The first book I fell in love with was 1001 Arabian Nights. Who doesn’t love stories about genies? And, let’s face it, Scheherazade is the best storyteller ever! The next book I fell in love with was the dictionary. Nerdy, I know! When I was about twelve, I sat down in the hallway and tried to read it. I made it to the Bs before giving up, but I did start a card file of words that were new to me. I recently cleaned out my garage and found the card file—I knew every word.

I have always had stories in my head (sometimes in the middle of a class, which landed me in trouble for “daydreaming”).

Odd fact #2—One such time, the teacher asked me if the story she had been reading was about a dog or a pink elephant. I answered a pink elephant (which I thought was way more interesting than a dog story). The class laughed and the teacher rolled her eyes and said, “Stop day-dreaming, Sandy”

Odd fact #3—I didn’t mind getting into trouble, because I was too overjoyed at hearing that there was a real word for my mental escapades. Daydreaming—what a lovely word! Somehow, that word even legitimized my fantasy exploits—obviously, others did it too, or there wouldn’t be a word for it.

Baker Fox Theater Sm
I spent many Saturday mornings here watching double features with my sisters. (Fox Theater, Bakersfield).

School was otherwise uneventful. I was shy and quiet and fell below everyone’s radar. My two sisters and I kept to ourselves: we were our own clique. We were also fond of other sister-cliques who joined in the fun, particularly the O’Hanlon sisters.



If you have any questions or would like to share your Odd Facts with me, please email me.


  • I can hoola hoop—from head to knees. Not bad, for my multiple decades of life. (Thanks to Tiana, my daughter, who designs dance clothes for Warrior Within, writes poetry and has hooped around the world).
  • I love to watch the evening sky. It’s a living canvass, and I can’t get enough of sunsets.
  • I came from a family of three girls, and I have three daughters. Trinities are in my  blood. My daughters, below, have always been and still are BFF.3Ts Kids Smiles
  • With lots of females surrounding me, I had no clue about boys, except for my wonderful father. Luckily, through years of teaching middle school, I’ve come to understand boys well. They are uber-cool!
  • I’m a health nut, but I will indulge if dark chocolate or caramel is placed before me. The combination is above my endurance to resist.
  • Besides writing, I love to teach middle school. I use “old school” methods and Socratic dialogue—no student leaves my classroom without knowing how to write well, think for themselves, and, hopefully, appreciate literature and poetry. I even teach cursive and penmanship. Subjects I teach: English, of course, History, Algebra I, Geometry, and Debate (my students love debate!)

    MOTL Noh Play
    My class studied Japan, after which students wrote No plays, made costumes and masks, and performed.
  • I can’t live without music. I especially like country (Bakersfield was home to Merle Haggard and Buck Owens). I also like classic rock, jazz, reggae—basically everything but heavy metal. I like it cranked up and I sing in the car (with the windows rolled up). I have a Play List titled “Songs to Sing” on my ipod. That does not mean I can sing well.
  • In my twenties, I lived in Saudi Arabia, England, Rome and Midland, Texas.
  • First job (during college): I worked in a shoe store. After graduation: I worked as an x-ray technician. The medical knowledge has come in handy in the classroom and our on class camp-outs to Joshua Tree National Park.
  • I love to travel and meet people. I’ll talk their ear off asking questions, even if they barely know English. Check out the tab marked Explorations.
  • When I felt squeezed out as a child, I walked through the fields with my imaginary best friends, which I referred to as “me,” “myself,” and “I.” They weren’t like real people that I would talk to, but more of a way to remind myself that I was never alone, because “we” had my back. After reveling in the sheer numbers and power of “us,” I headed home with a steely spine and a soft smile.


S. Woffington is a California native, whose thirst for adventure began when reading 1001 Arabian Nights tales as a child. In her twenties, she lived in Saudi Arabia and England for two years each, spent four months in Italy, and traveled extensively. After completing UC Irvine’s Humanities Honors Program, she earned dual masters degrees in English and Creative Writing from Chapman University. Her stay in Saudi Arabia inspired her debut novel Unveiling, which won Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest SP e-book awards. Woffington teaches math, English and history to middle grade students at a Montessori school. During summers off, she writes fiction. She also works as a freelance developmental editor. More information: warriorsandwatchers.com


Born in Ventura, California but raised in Bakersfield, her chosen “hometown,” S. Woffington is the daughter of an oil Landman and a housewife. Woffington lived abroad in her twenties: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; London, England; Rome, Italy.  These early opportunities gave her a thirst for adventure, a desire to understand cultures other than her own, and a quest to paint page after page with words that capture it all.

Woffington was a member of Sol Stein’s Chapter One writing and critique group, which inspired her ambition to write. She attended the University of California at Irvine, where she was among sixteen students, selected from all Humanities majors, accepted into the distinguished Humanities Honors Program. Woffington’s honors thesis won distinction as “The Most Outstanding.” Woffington graduated Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in English.  She then attended Chapman University and obtained two masters degrees: MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English.  While at Chapman, she had a poem and a short story published in Caliope, Chapman’s literary journal.  Her debut novel Unveiling received Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest SP e-book awards. The screenplay she co-authored with her sister, Lisa Oster, was a Semi-Finalist in the CWA (Creative World Awards). Ms. Woffington lives in southern California.  She works as a teacher and a free-lance developmental editor, and she is writing a 7-book Middle Grade series, Warriors and Watcher’s Saga. Book #1, Evil Speaks is to be released in February of 2017.

Woffington’s hobbies include reading, traveling, and hoola hooping (the latter of which she says is great exercise and a lot of fun).  She also enjoys visits with her daughters, usually time spent in unique restaurants or in and around the kitchen, where they collectively test new recipes and prepare gourmet feasts, followed by curling up with blankets to watch (and critique) movies.

3 Ts Food 2
There is nothing better than a day in the kitchen, cooking with my girls, followed by sharing the table to devour our creations.

FULL-SIZE HEAD SHOT (photographer: RoxyanneYoungPhotography)







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