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BOOK REVIEWS, GUEST ARTICLES & RADIO INTERVIEWS: (Note: I do not necessarily share the political opinions of any site with political content that runs reviews or posts blogs.)

5star-shiny-web Reader's Favorite Seal2017 Readers’ Favorite Contest Finalist: “Evil Speaks is . . .a fast moving story with plenty of action that is more than just a mythological tale. It teaches young adults of the importance of working together, of being a part of a team to achieve results. . . . I highly recommend this to any young adult with an interest in mythology.”

Midwest Book Review: “Original and consistently entertaining from cover to cover. . . Author Sandra Woffington is an impressively talented storyteller and ‘Evil Speaks’ is unreservedly recommended.”

Foreword Clarion Review“Evil Speaks, weaves suspense into an action-packed plot and brings characters from classic mythology into a modern adventure story. . . . Characters are from an appealingly broad range of ethnic backgrounds, and their differing physical abilities result in a welcome embrace of diversity.”

Kids Book Buzz Review: “Evil Speaks has a fast-paced plot that surprises you with both humor and action.”

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things Review: “Be prepared to be engrossed. . . a remarkable job entwining Greek Mythology, Greek History, and these modern-day teenage misfits . . . the author incorporates characters with different abilities. She helps to break down stereotypes.”

The Nerdy Girl Express Review: “These teens with so-called disabilities show us, just because you’re a little different doesn’t mean you can’t save the world. This book speaks on so many different levels, I would recommend it to everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.”

Maureen’s Books “. . .the story definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. I haven’t read a book, especially a fantasy one, with characters who have challenges. I was definitely in awe with the author after reading about these characters.”

“In my last years at Harcourt, I can’t remember reading one single fantasy MG or YA that was half as interesting as the world you have created. . . It really was a cool discovery that you had linked these modern-day misfits to Greek mythology and Greek history! So brilliant! Between the fight scenes and the stories and people and creatures of Greek mythology coming to life, it was truly a roller-coaster adventure. And the ending—now THAT is how you leave us wanting for more!”  Editor, Evil Speaks

Interview: WFSU with Dr. Liz Holifield for “411-Teen” to air Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 2PM.

Interview: KWCL-FM with Irene Robinson for “As Heard and Seen” aired Friday, March 17, 2017 8:05am.

Interview: Falls Radio with Ron Specker aired Mar. 17, 2017 at 9:15am.

Interview: iHeart San Diego KOGO-AM, “Community Connection” with Cliff Albert (link is to the radio broadcast).

Interview by K. D. Dowdall at Pen and Paper

Guest Article: Three Ways to Help Kids Embrace Differences at The Orange County Register

Guest Article: The Importance of Diversity in Children’s Literature at The Book Wars

Guest Article: Class Inclusion for Special Needs Students: A Heated Debate at Motherhood Later Than Sooner

Guest Article: Practical Bullying Solutions for Parents and Kids at SoFawned: A Canadian Lifestyle Magazine

Guest Article: Go Beyond Tolerance: Teach Kids to Be Inclusive at She Knows

Guest Article: The Importance of Teaching Children to Stand Up to Bullies at ParentGuide.ca 

Guest Article: 5 Ways Parents Can Teach Inclusion Right at Home at MissMillenia Magazine

Guest Article: Reaching Beyond Tolerance–Teaching Children to Include Others for BayStateParent magazine

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Everyone has a story and this is mine. . .

Sandra Headshot Full

The Unofficial Bio (odd and silly facts): I was less than one year old when my family moved to Bakersfield, where I lived for twenty-two years and which I proudly consider my “hometown.”

Oddly, I was not a huge reader as a child, but I do remember trying to memorize a long poem about fairies. The first book I fell in love with was 1001 Arabian Nights. Who doesn’t love stories about genies? And, let’s face it, Scheherazade is the best storyteller ever! The next book I fell in love with was the dictionary. Nerdy, I know! When I was about twelve, I sat down in the hallway and tried to read it. I made it to the Bs before giving up, but I did start a card file of words that were new to me. When I cleaned out my garage some years ago, I found the card file—I knew every word.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had stories brewing my head (sometimes in the middle of a class, which landed me in trouble for “daydreaming”).

Baker Fox Theater Sm
Fox Theater, Bakersfield, CAI spent Saturdays at the Fox Theater or the roller-skating rink.

My love of stories grew with watching Saturday matinees (double-features) at the Fox theater, which had a grand balcony.

I have two sisters (I’m in the middle), and I have three daughters. Trinities are in my  blood.

In my twenties, I lived in Saudi Arabia, England, Rome and Midland, Texas.

I love to travel and meet people.

Check out the tab marked Explorations.

Besides writing, I love to teach all ages! I’ve run creative writing seminars and written curriculum for numerous classes.

If you have any questions or would like to connect, please email me, using the contact page. Thank you for visiting!


Hi, readers! I love to create stories with pithy dialogue, gritty action, mind-blowing plots and unique characters: flawed and passionate.

I’m a USA Today and Amazon #1 Bestselling author. I completed the Humanities Honors Program at U.C. Irvine and earned my MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English from Chapman University. I’ve spent 20+ years teaching.

My debut novel, Unveiling, a stand-alone, takes place in the colorful deserts of Saudi Arabia as well as America. It won Honorable Mention from the Writer’s Digest SP book awards. Evil Speaks, first book in the Warriors and Watchers Saga Series, a middle grade fantasy, was Finalist (4th place) in the Reader’s Favorite 5-star awards (that’s out of all of the 5-star books in that category for the year).


I was a member of Sol Stein’s Chapter One writing and critique group, which inspired my ambition to write. I attended UC Irvine, where I completed the Humanities Program. My honors thesis won distinction as “The Most Outstanding.” I graduated Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in English.  I then attended Chapman University and obtained two masters degrees: MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English. While at Chapman, I had a poem and a short story published in Calliope, Chapman’s literary journal.  My debut novel Unveiling received Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest SP e-book awards. A screenplay I co-authored with Lisa Oster was a Semi-Finalist in the CWA (Creative World Awards). I live in southern California.  I work as a teacher, a free-lance developmental editor, a creative writing workshop instructor, writing coach, and author.

My hobbies include reading, traveling, and hula-hooping.

FULL-SIZE HEAD SHOT (photographer: RoxyanneYoungPhotography)





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